Enjoy The Dream - A New Economic Model

With the recent events of the economic meltdown some things have become painfully clear. The current economic model does not work. Capitalism, Communism, Socialism, and Fascism, are failed structures and belief systems that are unable to provide the sustained abundance we long for. All of these systems at some level appeals to the "what's in it for me" collective conscious mindset. We need a new model that emphasizes a servants heart with the collective conscious mindset of, how or what can I give.

Fortunately we are entering a time in our history where people are waking up all over the world and realizing there must be a better way. Organizations are appearing everyday on and off line that are committed to living life from the heart. This is a welcome change as we realize the pursuit of stuff is a dead end, and true happiness can only be found within.

When we are living in our most natural state we are operating from a place of abundance where we love what we contribute to the world. There is no lack or scarcity. We live as the true unlimited spiritual beings that we are. The question then becomes, "How can I live my passion and not worry about my finances?" This is where your path and mine cross.

I have spent the past several years finding what I term "receptive income" programs that work and provide me with the income I need. These programs are designed to have your money work for you. To take it one step further, I will benefactor you into one of these programs so there is no financial risk to you.

I am willing to do this because I have a long term objective in mind. I am a catalyst for a new economic model that allows an individual to express their gifts freely because all of their needs are already taken care of. As people become financially healthy they can in turn pass this blessing on to others who find they are still struggling.

How can I participate in Receptive Income?

I have provided the links to start you on your journey. If you are comfortable using your PC and there is an intuitive nudge that this may satisfy a longing that you have, go for it. We will create wealth together for ourselves and others.


Are you financially challenged? I will get you started in one of the reverse pension plans at no cost to you. In addition all referral income I generate will go to help others join the "Receptive Income" family.

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